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Prisma -Get the body into the classroom

Prisma is a body-centered educational approach that provides simple and practical tools to help deal with challenges, improve learning processes and promote quality of life


The first stage of human development is the physical one. 

The body is the primary source of all experience- whether it is success, failure, frustration, relationship to the outside world, or self-discovery. The physical experience fuses with cognitive and emotional development in a process of integration. 

Today, more than ever before, developing a relationship with the body, understanding how it works and how to harness its capabilities is paramount in meeting the challenges facing our society.

Prisma invites the body’s intelligence into the center of the classroom as tool to cope with stress and fear, improve social skills, promote concentration, increase motivation and develop self-confidence.

Prisma operates in accordance with the vision and principles of the OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030.

?So what is it exactly

The Prisma Model

Prisma is based on extensive research and a wide range of therapeutic modalities to optimize the education process including:

Prisma asks, what is possible when we bring the body into the center of the classroom?

:Prisma offers

• Improved attention, concentration and learning capabilities

• Enhanced social skills

• Increased motivation and self-confidence  

• Coping skills for dealing with academic, emotional or social challenges

• Mental resilience and physical health

• Development of a wide range of managerial skills

• Integration of experiential and theoretical learning processes

• Proactive classroom management skills and practical tool set

• Self-awareness and development of conscious presence

Hybrid training courses 

*Prisma can be adapted to suit every school, classroom and curriculum.  Our body centered approach is different, but the educational content stays the same. 

Development of a ‘Prisma’ perception

Designed for educators, parents, caregivers, youth and students

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